5 Steps That Will Prepare You for A Successful Career Transition

Have you recently been laid off? Has remote working forced you to do some introspection? If you have found yourself thinking it’s time to pivot your career, you’re not alone. Whatever the motivation to transition into a new career is, a well thought out plan is crucial for success.

A career change is a big decision. It can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Here are 5 steps to guide you in making the next move.


The best decisions are often made with the end in mind. Evaluate why you need to make a career change. Is this the best decision for you now? What does your gut instinct and environment tell you? Take some time to determine what your passionate about and makes you feel more fulfilled.

Identify Ideal Options

Identifying ideal options is a multi-layered exercise that will help you narrow down your next move. First determine the organizations you would like to work for. Do some research and identify what value you have to offer. Moreover, do the organizations’ culture align with your values and goals? Once you have predefined your deal makers list down the organizations that stand out for you.

Learning and Self-development

Having your options laid out gives you an idea of what skills and knowledge you need to gain. This may mean going back to school, starting at a junior level or both. Take the necessary steps to ensure you are more qualified. Learning and self-development doesn’t stop when you land your new role. Plan to improve yourself to remain relevant.

Perform a Professional Audit

Are you aware of what your strengths and talents are? Asking yourself this question might unlock opportunities that you weren’t aware of before. Ask your managers, friends and colleagues to help you uncover your strengths. Look up job descriptions online or hire career growth experts to help you leverage your strong suits.

Build a Professional Network.

“Your network is your net worth” – Porter Gale. This popular and very true quote holds in the value that your network creates. You might be the best baker in the world but if no one knows you, your pastries will never reach the right customers. Your ability to build a professional network is an important asset for your career transition.

Seek out and collaborate with like-minded professionals to reach a higher level of success. To start, join a professional body within your new found line of work. Join LinkedIn and connect with others in your industry. Take every opportunity available to put yourself out there.

Going into another career is not easy but being intentional and planning will get you there. Start planning now and take the necessary steps for success.